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Wheels and Brakes Services

AAR's Wheels and Brakes department provides comprehensive aircraft wheel and brake overhaul and repair services. We perform repair and overhaul on a variety of wheels and brakes from regional, commercial, and military / defense aircraft. Our wheels and brakes repair shop is conveniently next door to our landing gear repair station in Miami, Florida.

Our aircraft wheels and brakes maintenance capabilities

We have approved capability on over 150 aircraft wheel and brake components, are an authorized wheel and brake repair center for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and are European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), ISO 9001, AS9110, and AS9100 certified.


Thorough inspections conducted by our skilled technicians ensure the identification of any potential issues. Our protocols ensure the safety and reliability of your aircraft's wheels and brakes.


Our meticulous disassembly process is executed with precision, laying the groundwork for a comprehensive evaluation of each component. This step-by-step approach allows us to effectively identify and address any wear or damage.


We apply cleaning techniques to remove contaminants and ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our cleaning processes are designed to maintain the integrity of the components while enhancing their operational lifespan.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

We employ NDT methods to identify hidden defects and assess the integrity of critical components. Our NDT procedures go beyond surface inspections, ensuring the thorough examination of internal structures.



Our painting process not only enhances the aesthetics of the components but also provides protective coatings for extended durability. We use high-quality paints and coatings to safeguard against corrosion and environmental elements.


Skilled technicians carefully assemble each component, adhering to OEM specifications and industry best practices. Our assembly process follows strict guidelines to guarantee the correct fit and function of each wheel and brake assembly.


Rigorous testing procedures guarantee that every wheel and brake component meets or exceeds performance standards before being returned to service. Our testing protocols include simulated operational conditions to ensure reliability in various scenarios.
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Our specialized TIGER TEAM® is comprised of highly skilled technicians and inspectors who travel to any customer site worldwideno matter when or whereto perform any required service on-wing. We get your plane off the ground and back in the air in the shortest amount of time.

Landing Gear Overhaul worldwide 24/7 AOG support

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Wheels and Brakes 

9270 NW 100th St.
Miami, FL 33178 USA

Telephone: +1-786-337-4010

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