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EAGLE Career Pathway Program

This program is designed to provide a systematic path for high school students to develop their careers at AAR and beyond. Selected EAGLE partner schools provide the level of training that exceeds the FAA standards and prepares students for entry to one of five U.S. AAR MRO facilities.

The EAGLE Career Pathway Program is dedicated to growing the talent necessary to meet the maintenance demands of the future with a focus on five core values:


To have the integrity do what is right even when no one is looking and courage to speak up when a mistake is made.


Apply the standards on every task without exception.


A life style of expecting perfection in everything that you do.


A willingness to be coached and mentored to inspire the people around you.


Looking beyond ones self to help those in the organization, community, nation and world.

FAA Part 147

The Federal Aviation Administration regulation governing Aviation Maintenance Training Schools. These schools are governed by these regulations in order to produce Aviation Maintenance Technicians that hold Airframe and Powerplant certification.

Pathway College or University

Are selected based on rigorous review of their curriculum, student outcomes and strategic location. In addition, each educational provider has elected to develop a specific MRO / Air Carrier course that will enhance to students understanding of these operations taking them beyond the scope of a tradition part 147 curriculum.

Listen to AAR's President and Chief Executive Officer, John Holmes, as he talks about the importance of partnering with local colleges where AAR operates to build a talent pool for the aviation industry.



Ryan Goertzen talks to Chris Notter from Eva International media on how AAR is providing pathways for careers in aviation. Listen to their illuminating discussion by clicking on the image below. 





Selection Process

  • Students who complete the FAA General curriculum will be eligible for selection into the EAGLE Program.
  • Students must complete the AAR EAGLE application.
  • Students awarded into the program will monitored throughout Airframe and Powerplant portions of their program.
  • AAR Mentors will be assigned to join you on your journey and provide opportunities to enhance your aviation experience while still in school.
  • Students must complete the Capstone Course and complete FAA General, Airframe and Powerplant exams prior to start.
  • Students will be subject to criminal background check and drug test.

Submit EAGLE Application

Capstone Course

This course has been developed by Partner Colleges and Universities focused on Repair Station and Air Carrier Operations. This covers regulatory requirements, aircraft general familiarization, paperwork, inspection processes, required inspection items, RVSM, EWIS and other related subjects.


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Ryan Goertzen
VP Maintenance Workforce Development