Parts & Services

Component Repair, Landing Gear,
Wheels & Brakes

AAR’s vision is to exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, cost, and on-time delivery, and to enable our customers to win in their chosen marketplace.

The combined landing gear and aircraft component repair capabilities at AAR spans virtually every type of commercial transport and passenger aircraft in operation today and touches all major systems – from landing gear to air conditioning and beyond.  As a key part of AAR’s world-class 1MRO service network, our facilities boast modern technologies, expert workforces, best-in-class customer service support, and a dedication to delivering our customer’s assets on time, every time. 

We understand that the competition and mission requirements in our industry provide incredible challenges for our partners.  As such, every team member who works on or supports an aircraft landing gear, component, wheel or brake at AAR is dedicated to the following principles:

  • Reduce the total cost of ownership (direct and indirect costs) of our customers’ assets
  • Provide high quality, innovative services that are competitively priced and consistently delivered
  • Exceed service level goals which are in line with customer’s supply chain performance requirements
  • Maximize on-wing lifecycle performance
  • Reduce waste in our customers’ supply chain through continuous improvement and a dedication to lean enterprise
  • Counsel our partners on highly technical, complex issues affecting their aircraft systems
  • Be easy to do business with

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