SeaPort Enhanced

AWACSContract N00178-14-D-7133

AAR is ready to provide support services to NAVSEA under the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort E) Contract. AAR and its Team have the ability to provide services under this contract for Fourteen (14) Functional Areas across all Seven (7) Geographical Zones. AAR Corporation (; ticker symbol AIR) is a global logistics and supply chain management firm supporting the Government and commercial sector clients in aerospace, defense, and contingency operations support. AAR is named one of the Top 100 US Department of Defense Contractors.

AAR’s Defense Systems and Logistics (DSL) business unit focuses in Government services, providing, worldwide logistics support, airlift resources, and forward deployed infrastructure to US Department of Defense and other government agencies.

AAR DSL has a commitment to quality, cost savings and client engagement to the US Military. We are involved with a wide degree of high profile sustainment and programs for the DoD, to include Supply Chain and Engineering.

Task Order Award