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Component Services

We offer component repair services and maintain rotable components for commercial, regional, and military operators worldwide. We provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) on structural components, engine and airframe accessories, and interior refurbishment. Our skilled employees repair, overhaul, and perform scheduled maintenance checks on aviation parts from our component repair facilities in Amsterdam, Thailand, New York, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas.

Auxiliary power units (APUs)

  • Receipt diagnosis
  • Detailed part inspection
  • Fuel control / pump repairs
  • APUs mounting pad inspection
  • Turbine assembly balancing,
  • Wire harness inspection
  • Combustor housing inspection and minor repair
  • Sub-component testing
  • APUs fuel system purge
  • APU electric starters
  • Fuel controls
  • Bypass valves
  • Jet fuel starters (F-16, JFS)


  • Repairs for communication systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Flight control systems
  • Weather radar systems
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Flight instrument systems
  • Radar altimeter systems
  • Transponder systems
  • Cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Strobe lights
  • Fuel quantity computers
  • Generator control units (GCU)
  • Power supplies


  • Repairs and overhaul for electro-mechanical actuators
  • Flap and slat systems components
  • Stall management systems components
  • Lavatory systems components
  • Water and waste system components


  • Air / fuel / oil coolers / heaters
  • Fuel boost pumps
  • Fuel main engine pumps and controls 
  • Fuel nozzle
  • Fuel injector
  • Fuel control units
  • Fuel filtration system components
  • Fuel valve
  • Fuel flow transmitters
  • Hydromechanical units
  • Senors 
  • Stator vanes actuators repair and overhaul


  • Engine gearboxes repair and overhaul
  • Inlet
  • Accessory
  • Transfer
  • Propellor
  • Accessory drive gearboxes (F-16 ADG)


Hydraulic system components repair and overhaul. This includes: 

  • Engine driven hydraulic pumps (EDP) repair and overhaul
  • Electric motor-driven pumps (EMDP) repair and overhaul
  • Hydraulic actuators repair and overhaul
  • Cylinder repair
  • Hose and line replacement
  • Hydraulic valve repair and overhaul
  • Thrust reverse actuators (TRA) repair and overhaul
  • Landing gear actuation
  • Hydraulic pipes


  • Altimeter repair
  • Airspeed indicator
  • Attitude indicator
  • Heading indicator repair
  • Turn coordinator inspection
  • Vertical speed indicator repair
  • Gyrocompass overhaul
  • Magnetic compass adjustment
  • Engine instrument calibration
  • Fuel quantity indicator repair
  • Temperature gauge testing
  • Pressure gauge calibration

Interior components

  • Passenger Service Units (PSU)
  • Captain and first officer seats
  • Passenger seats
  • Flight attendant seats
  • Air stop valve
  • Toilet shrouds


  • Thrust reverser
  • Fan reverser
  • Fan cowl 
  • Inlet cowl
  • Core cowl
  • Air intake cowl
  • Tail cone
  • Common nozzle


Pneumatic system component repair and overhaul. This includes: 

  • Air cycling machine (ACM)
  • Air turbine starters
  • Heat Transfer units
  • Pneumatics valves
  • Pressure regulator valves
  • Pneumatics check valves
  • Outflow valves
  • Fan modulating valves
  • Cabin pressure valves
  • Anti-icing valves (AIV)

Power generation

  • Constant speed drive
  • Integrated drive generator
  • Electrical stator repair and overhaul
  • Generator repair and overhaul
  • Automatic voltage regulator repair
  • Static exciter repair and brush replacement
  • Electrical system testing
  • Stator and rotor inspections
  • Starters


  • Flight control surfaces
  • Translating sleeves
  • Landing gear doors
  • Passenger doors
  • Air stairs
  • Blocker doors

Component Services locations

AAR's Component Services facilities are convienently located in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Component Services - New York

Garden City, NY

747 Zeckendorf Blvd.
Garden City, NY, 11530

Telephone: +1-516-222-9000


Component Services - Grand Prairie

Grand Prairie, TX

1038 Santerre St.
Grand Prairie, TX 75050

Telephone: +1-927-623-9000


Component Services - Hot Springs

Hot Springs, AR

115 Centennial Dr.
Hot Springs, AR 71913

Telephone: +1-501-262-1555


Component Services - San Antonio

San Antonio, TX

404 Airlift Drive
San Antonio, TX 78226

Telephone: +1-210-932-6819


Component Services - Wellington

Wellington, KS

411 N. West Rd.
Wellington, KS 67152

Telephone: +1-620-326-2235


Component Services - Amsterdam

Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Kruisweg 705, 2132 ND Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31-23-8000600


Component Services - Thailand


700/160 Moo 1, T. Bankao, A. Panthong,
Chonburi, 20160, Thailand

Telephone: +66 (0) 33-265-000


Search our aircraft parts repair capabilities

Interactively explore our aviation component repair capabilities for our New York and Amsterdam facilities! Search by part number, Air Transport Association (ATA) chapter, AAR repair shop, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Authorized Warranty and Repair Stations

Honeywell Warranty and Repair Station

Our New York and Amsterdam Component Services locations are authorized Honeywell Warranty Repair Stations. These facilities are also certified by the European Union Aviation Security Agency (EASA) / Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) / Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) / Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA), ISO 9001:2015, AS9100, AS9110, and AS9120.

AAR Component Services— Amsterdam

Telephone: +31-23-8000600

AAR Component Services — New York

Telephone: +1-516-222-9000

Electronic Bleed Air System (EBAS) components 

Amsterdam and New York are Honeywell-authorized Service Centers for Electronic Bleed Air System (EBAS) components on the B737 MAX aircraft.

This exclusive license agreement makes AAR Component Services a vital provider to operators. It also supplements AAR’s existing Honeywell license agreement, which covers 1,200 Honeywell components.

Military / defense aviation component repair offerings

Our Component Services faciltiy in New York specializes in repairing and overhauling parts from the following military airframes:

  • CH-47
  • UH-60
  • AH-64
  • KC-10
  • KC-46
  • C-130
  • S2-T
  • AV-8B
  • T-45
  • F-16


military / defense component repairs

Contact us

Component Services New York

Telephone: +1-516-222-9000


Component Services Amsterdam

Telephone: +31-23-8000600


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