Our focus is, and has always been, on developing products that facilitate safe and cost effective ULD operation. A key element is product durability, but to Nordisk, durability is more than just a sturdy design.

ULD-6Compatibility - continuous product improvement without making your existing fleet obsolete
Customer requirements and feedback, industry challenges as well as new innovation, all contribute to the development and design of Nordisk products. By incorporating our new features and improvements into long-standing, existing models, we achieve the best of two worlds; continuous product improvements without making customers existing fleet obsolete.

Interchangeability - keep spare parts inventory down
Nordisk develop container families where we utilize the same part across several models. This dramatically reduces the customer's inventory of spare parts.

Reliable support
Last but not least, Nordisk offers reliable spare parts supply to ensure that your unit, when in need for repair, is quickly repaired and returned to operation. Spare parts for all Nordisk standard models are available from regional stocks in Europe, North America and Asia.

Quality in design and material
Nordisk uses only the best materials in our products. Nordisk was the first ULD manufacturer to use high grade aluminium 7000 series alloy, adding increased strength and durability to ULD products, and the first to introduce hollow edge pallets, dramatically reducing unit weight without sacrificing strength. In 1983, together with British Airways, Nordisk increased usable lower deck volumes, by creating the word’s first full with lower deck container. Today, we are at the forefront in our use of new composite materials which allow us to construct lighter containers, and help airlines reduce fuel costs.

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