AAR Mobility Systems manufactures a variety of shelters for military operations and humanitarian efforts.  Our complete line of intermodal shelter systems is designed with maximum flexibility to comply with end-user requirements, provide ease of set-up, and meet long lifespan requirements with rugged construction. Our shelter systems improve mobilization capabilities for operational units by providing: 
  • Patented integral loading base for rapid aircraft load and off load times
  • Immediate operational workspace
  • Reduced deployment footprint
  • Secure equipment in transit
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Mobility Shop Container (MSC) mounted on an FMTV

MSC - Mobility Shop Container

MSC (Mobility Shop Container) is an environmentally controlled shelter designed to be mounted on the FMTV and other transport vehicles, and can be positioned on the ground to free up vehicles for other functions.
Expandable Mobility Shop Container (EMSC) in stowed position

EMSC - Expandable Mobility Shop Container

AAR's Expandable Mobility Shop Container (EMSC) is an environmentally controlled shelter that can be easily erected in minutes by untrained personnel.
S280 C/G mounted on an FMTV

S-280 C/G Shelter

The S-280 C/G Shelter is a versatile and durable tactical shelter designed to function in extreme climates.
Battery Mobility Shop Container (BMSC)

Battery Mobility Shop Container

The Battery Mobility Shop Container (BMSC) is a lightweight, quickly deployable, environmentally controlled workspace for the storage, maintenance, and recharging of batteries while out in the field.
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