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ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit

ISU® 90 Laundry Unit

AAR's Specialty ISU® 90 Laundry Unit contains four unitized washers/dryers, two installed on each 108" side of an ISU® 90 4-door container.
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel with Military Working Dog

ISU® 90KCI 3-Dog Kennel

AAR's Specialty 90KCI 3-Dog Kennel is an environmentally controlled kennel system that keeps dogs comfortable in any environment.
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90EO 1-Door integrated as a Weapons Room

ISU® 90EO 1-DOOR Weapons Room

AAR's Specialty ISU® 90EO 1-DOOR Weapons Room is designed without a center wall to accommodate various weapons room configurations.
96ATV with 2 ATV&#39;s, 2 trailers, and other equipment


AAR's Specialty ISU® 96ATV 4-DOOR has built in shelves and is designed to hold two small ATV's, two small trailers for hauling cargo, fuel, and equipment.
65IATV fully loaded with cargo tied down to roof


AAR's Specialty ISU® 65IATV 4-Door has built in shelves and is designed to hold one small ATV, one small trailer for hauling cargo, fuel, and equipment.
ISU<sup>®</sup> 96RC Refrigerated Container in Green - Front

ISU® 96RC Refrigerated Container

AAR's Specialty ISU® 96RC is an air-transportable, self-contained refrigerated container for storage of temperature sensative and perishable items.
ADR300 Advanced Design Refrigerator with built-in shelving

ADR-300 Advanced Design Refrigerator

AAR's Specialty ISU® ADR-300 Advanced Design Refrigerator is completely self-sufficient with the regrigerated unit mounted inside the container wall panel.
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90HSC High Security Container

ISU® 90HSC High Security Container

AAR's Specialty ISU® 90HSC High Security Container is an armor plated, air-transportable workstation and weapons room container unit.
Expandable ISU<sup>®</sup> &#40;EISU&#41; in deployed position

Expandable ISU® (EISU)

The EISU is a 3-in-1 expandable version of the ISU® 90 Container.
EISU Shower Unit

Expandable ISU® (EISU) Ablution Containers

The EISU Ablutions Containers are expeditionary containers integrated with showers, latrines, or a shower/latrine combo unit.
EISU Workshop integrated with cabinets and air compressor

Expandable ISU® (EISU) Workshop Container

The EISU Workshop is an expeditionary container integrated with cabinets, workbench, air compressor, vise, and so much more.
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