Telair offers the widest selection of systems for loading bulk or containerized cargo in narrow-body aircraft.

Telair Systems have an unmatched overall cycle reliability rate of 99.6 percent. By increasing the efficiency of loading and unloading, our systems can help reduce the time an aircraft is required to be on the ground. They are also shown to increase load-stacking capacity, safeguard baggage during loading and flight, and protect the walls and floor of the cargo compartment. Customers can realize further reductions in necessary manpower, job related injuries and, at many airports, handling fees.


Many of our customers recoup their investments in as little as 8-12 months, and you may experience similar savings.

The patented Sliding Carpet® Loading System is permanently installed, and it uses a poly-coated Kevlar® conveyor belt to move baggage within the compartment. Since 1987, we have delivered / on order more than 3.000 systems worldwide, with the first systems still in service. In total, Sliding Carpet® Loading Systems have recorded over 50 million flight cycles.

A single worker stationed at the cargo door area loads baggage onto the conveyor and then activates the system, which uses a robust power drive. The conveyor automatically transports the load into the hold, opening space for more baggage. During unloading, the system advances baggage towards the cargo door area, where it can easily be accessed at arm's length.

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