Airinmar’s services are supported and enabled by AirHub, Airinmar’s suite of industry leading online management systems. These systems have been specifically developed to optimise the customer’s operational efficiencies and productivity in the management of component repairs.


Airinmar offers a wide range of repair management support services that reduce component repair expenditure. Airinmar’s services are offered individually or as a fully integrated package. If there is a need for a specific support service or a complete outside repair management solution, Airinmar’s dedicated back office support team works with customers to deliver solutions.

Airinmar’s services and systems:

  • Reduce repair expenditure by 8%-20%
  • Maximise customer contract entitlements
  • Reduces turnaround times by 20%-40%
  • Improves operational efficiency and productivity 2x-4x
  • Provide real time asset visibility
  • Value Engineering Services 

Airinmar's suite of systems and range of services work in parallel with the customer’s existing infrastructure, this combination significantly lowers the customers operating costs while improving component availability.

Find out how Airinmar’s systems and services can benefit you by visiting: www.airinmar.com