Airinmar is a wholly owned subsidiary of AAR dedicated to supporting airlines in reducing their MRO operational costs. This is achieved through a portfolio of proven component repair cycle management services and online systems, and aircraft warranty entitlement recovery services.

With over 35 years of heritage working with many of the world’s leading airlines, Airinmar’s repair management services range from fully integrated and consolidated solutions, covering all aspects of the repair cycle, to selected individual services tailored to meet an airlines’ specific needs:

Repair management services & online systems:

  • Repair order status/TAT & quotation management
    • Improved component availability | enhanced operational performance
  •  Airbus/Boeing SPT/TAT penalty credit recovery
    • Significant recovery of credits | improved component availability
  • Repair quotation cost oversight
    • Reduced repair expenditure
  • Flight hour over & above cost oversight
    • Minimized repair charges outside Flight Hour rate
  •  Warranty entitlement recovery
    • Maximized claims and FOC repairs
  • Strategic sourcing
    • Optimized repair placement | reduced cost of repairs | improved component availability 

Through a combination of back-office team of experts and online management and reporting systems, Airinmar’s services deliver:

  • Reduced repair expenditure by 5%-20%
  • Reduced turnaround times by 15%-30%
  • Improved operational efficiency and increased productivity by 20%-30%

Aircraft warranty services: Airinmar has evolved and developed its core services to help airlines maximise recovery of its new aircraft warranty entitlements, which can run into tens of millions of dollars. Entitlements include: Line & Heavy Maintenance; Engines; Components; Reliability; Service Bulletins; and BFE/Expendables. Through its team of warranty experts Airinmar can provide a range of solutions to meet the airline’s needs, including consultancy services; operational support to the airline’s in-house team, or an outsource solution.

To learn out how Airinmar’s systems and services can benefit you click on the below introductory service links or visit: www.airinmar.com