Seat Pallet System 463L 108" Wide 10-Passenger

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10-Passenger Seat Pallet Centerline Seating for C-17 Aircraft
10-Passenger Seat Pallet Centerline Seating for C-17 Aircraft

AAR designed this 10-passenger seat pallet to be used in conjunction with onboard sidewall troop seats. This system provides the aircraft’s operator an efficient and expedient method of re-configuring the aircraft. Seat pallets may be strategically prepositioned at forward operating locations to satisfy changing mission requirements. This seat pallet, P/N 50471-003, supersedes P/N 50019-023.

Exterior Dimensions
108"W X 88"L X 47"H (w/ seats)
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
  • Features

    • Seat Features:
      • 16G forward restraint capacity at 250 lbs. total passenger weight plus equipment per seat
      • High comfort ergonomic design
      • Passive lumbar support
      • Seat-back mounted food trays
      • Lift up arm rests
    • Pallet Features:
      • Fits the 108" wide on 463L cargo loading systems
      • Non-skid floor surface
      • Corner winch rings
      • Four “no-tool” manually operated anti-rattle devices
      • 7" hinge-mounted bridge on forward edge to cover gaps between pallets
      • Seat-track fillers
      • Protective pallet cover made of UV resistant fabric
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • C-17
    • C-130
    • KC-46
    • Internal Aircraft Transport Certifiable
    • External Helicopter Sling Certifiable
  • Documentation