S200 Flex Shelter

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  • S200_Encampment
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The S200 Flex SPACEMAX® shelter offers foldable, portable solutions for office or dormitory use. The S200 shelter is integrated with up to twelve beds or six office stations. Purchased in pairs, two units combined by connectors form a single shipping container for easy transportation. A pair of 200 Flex Units provides the greatest amount of deployable work or dormitory space per shipping container footprint.

58316-001 base box
Colors Available
Green, Tan
Exterior Stowed Dimensions
3.9’W x 20’L x 8.5’H
Exterior Deployed Dimensions
17.9’W X 20’L X 8.5”H
Interior Stowed Dimensions
1.7’W X 18.7’L X 7.04’H
Interior Deployed Dimensions
15.8’W X 18.7’L X 6.7’H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
  • Features

    • Three windows and one egress hatch
    • Prepared for one HVAC
    • Purchased in pairs – two units combined by connectors to form a single shipping container
  • Options

    The following are available options that will enhance this product. Contact us to see how these options can be integrated into this product.

    • Mechanically assisted roof and floor deployment package available
  • Applications

    The following is a list of how this product can be used

    • Can be customized to meet mission requirements
    • Dormitory – up to twelve beds
    • Office – up to six stations
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • Standard Pick-up
    • Heavy lift helicopter
    • Cargo Ship
    • Rail
  • Documentation