Q: How do I submit a quote for a part?

    A. Click anywhere on the row that you wish to submit a quote for, other than the “No Quote” button.


Q: I do not have the part you are requesting, what do I do?

     A. You can easily submit a “No Quote” by clicking the corresponding button.


Q: What is contained on the “Open” tab?

A: This tab contains a live updated view of the parts that AAR is currently sourcing for customer demand. As our demand needs change, this page is constantly updated.


Q: What is contained on the “Quoted” tab?

A: This tab contains history of all of the quotes that you have submitted.


Q: What is contained on the “No Quoted” tab?

A: This tab contains a history of all the demand requirements for which you submitted a no quote.


Q: How do I know how many units you are sourcing for?

A: You can reference the “Quantity” column to see how many units we are sourcing.


Q: I accidentally “No Quoted” a part I wish to submit a quote for, what do I do?

A: There is not currently a way to undo this action. However, do not fret, as this action is not permanent. When a new demand requirement comes out for the same part, you will be able to submit a quote.


Q: I want to quote 2 or more units in different ways, can I do this?

A: Yes, simply click on the “Add” button to append a new line item. You can specify the quantity and bid type independently between line items.


Q: How can I remove an added line item?

A: To remove a specific line item, click the remove-faq icon located to the left of the line.


Q: Why can’t I submit my quote?

A: You may still have outstanding actions to complete. Check that all required fields have been filled in, and then try again.


Q: What do the various “Bid Types” mean?


  • Outright: You are only offering this unit on an outright basis.
  • Exchange: You are only offering this unit on an exchange basis.
  • Outright & Exchange: You are willing to offer this unit on either an outright or exchange basis.


Q: You are asking for a quantity of five (5), but I only have three (3), can I still quote?

A: Yes, we accept quotes for less than the complete sourcing quantity.


Q: How will I know what quotes I have submitted?

A: All submissions receive a confirmation email sent to the email address from the original RFQ. This confirmation email contains the details of your quote and a quote submission reference number.


Q: I already “No Quoted” a part earlier in the day. Why am I being asked about it again?

A: Given the highly dynamic nature of our business, it is possible you may “No Quote” a part in the morning, but have the part available in the afternoon. Therefore, our system is designed to deliver multiple opportunities to quote parts throughout the day. We have also designed our platform to make it easy and quick for you to “No Quote”, by simply clicking the “No Quote” button.


Q: I do not wish to receive quoting opportunities from AAR, how can I unsubscribe?

A: There is an unsubscribe option included in every email relating to the Quote Submission Portal from AAR. Remove yourself from our distribution list by clicking this link and following the prompts. Please note, if you do this, you will not receive any sourcing opportunities from AAR unless you manually request to be added back.


Q: I completed filled out the form, now what?

A: Click on the “Submit” button. This will generate a summary of your submission to review. If you need to make any changes, navigate back to the form to do so.


Q: I submitted my quote, now what?

A: If your quote was successfully submitted, you will be able to find the submission on the “Quoted” tab, along with a confirmation email.


Q: I submitted a quote, but I never heard from AAR, what happened?

A: A submission does not guarantee any further correspondence from AAR. A member of our team will reach out to you directly if we are interested in pursuing your quote. We appreciate your business and the time you took to submit a quote. Thank you.


Q: My question has not been answered.  What should I do?

A: Please send an email to quote_submission_portal@aarcorp.com with the details of your issue.