Image_2036We continually invest in our people and technology to keep our services flexible, efficient, reliable and secure. Our customers and their partners have an ever changing set of requirements that our services must support.

Our clients rely on our advisory services to understand their requirements in the context of the aviation industry. We provide practical solutions that deliver value quickly and are sustainable over the long term.

Integration of our services with our clients and their partners is a critical component of our success. We have a broad range of advanced capabilities that allows us to quickly integrate our services.

In addition to advisory and integration, our portfolio of solutions includes systems for safety reporting, inventory management and MRO operations.

Advisory Services ranging from technical implementation to comprehensive aviation supply chain management design.

Integration Solutions connects to customers, partners and suppliers. Full range of standards based transactions, customizeable reformatting, flexible networking options and ability to bridge batch and real-time using AAR's Dispatch Engine™.

Safety Reporting Solutions provide comprehensive web safety management platform, including FAA Aviation Safety Action Program. Includes employee self reporting, automatic escalation, full lifecycle management and regulatory reporting.

Aviation Inventory Solutions delivers automated management of rotable and consumable aviation parts. Features include integrated ordering, web access for customer partners and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Aviation MRO Solutions provide complete automation for all aspects of MRO operations. Labor, contracts, parts, work tracking and metrics. Web access allows aircraft owners to monitor progress with multi-level approval for actions.