• Hot Bonds to flight controls using Metal to Metal Carbon Repairs Kevlar and Glass repairs.
  • Wet lay ups to All interior components Ect: Overhead bins, Lavs, side wall panels, Flight deck panels.
  • Floor board repairs & replacement of floor board panels.
  • Machine Shop *
  • Fabrication of cargo tracks for cabin and all pit tracks.
  • Bushing fabrication from Alum Ni Brz ,Aluminum,15-5 and 17-4 stainless steels.
  • Weld Shop*
  • Tig process for primary and secondary structure ,for Aluminums & Titanium’s and stainless steels.

Note: These processes and SRM,s apply to 737 and MD-80 and CRJ Aircraft.

Note: We have 7ea Heatcon A-150 computer hot bond machines and the experienced personel to travel to accomplish these task as well.