ISU® 90KCI 3-Dog Kennel

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ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel with Military Working Dog
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel with Military Working Dog
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90KCI&#32;Dog&#32;Kennel&#32;in&#32;Tan
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90KCI&#32;Dog&#32;Kennel&#32;in&#32;stowed&#32;position
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90KCI&#32;Dog&#32;Kennel&#32;showing&#32;stowed&#32;fencing
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90KCI&#32;3-Dog&#32;Kennel&#32;shown&#32;fully&#32;deployed
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90KCI&#32;Dog&#32;Kennel&#32;with&#32;Military&#32;Working&#32;Dog
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel in Tan
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel in stowed position
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel showing stowed fencing
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI 3-Dog Kennel shown fully deployed
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90KCI Dog Kennel with Military Working Dog

AAR's Specialty 90KCI 3-Dog Kennel is an environmentally controlled kennel system that keeps dogs comfortable in any environment. This system is the safest and most efficient way to transport and billet three security dogs in one pallet position (a Kennel Master's dream for Military Working Deployments).

Exterior Dimensions
108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
Payload Capacity
Maximum Gross Weight
  • Features

    • Internal Air Certified
    • External Air Certifiable
    • 108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
    • 4-Doors, two tall doors on one 108" side, two short doors on other 108" side
    • Two flip-up storage doors and two shelves above short doors
    • Aisleway
    • KC Style - One Side Slanted
    • Payload up to 10,000 lbs.
    • 4-Way Forkliftable
    • Stackable 2-high when loaded with up to 10,000 lbs. or empty
    • Intermodal - Transport by Air, Land, Sea, or Rail
    • Compatible with standard military transport vehicles/equipment
    • Base pre-drilled for optional caster set
    • Ready for use with optional High Speed Mobility Wheel Set
    • All aluminum extruded, mechanically fastened pallet base certified not to damage aircraft roller system
    • Winching rings at every lower corner
    • Retractable folding steps for easy roof access for sling hook-up
  • Additional Features

    Below are additional features that this product includes.

    • Dog doors installed on each kennel door
    • Kennel access door with open bar gate for each animal
    • Dog runs include fencing free of pinch points and sharp corners, fencing roof swings back to allow easy access, shields between runs, and sloped decking allowing for easy cleaning
    • Storage quadrant for supplies along with eight additional shelves
    • Two hazmat doors for equipment loading and inspection
    • Dog doors are vertical 2-way swinging with locking capability installed on each kennel door
    • Environmental Control System keeps dogs comfortable
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • C-130 All Pallet Position
    • C-5
    • C-17
    • KC-10 Single & Double Rows
    • DC-10 Centerline
    • 747 Centerline
    • External Helicopter Sling
    • Internal Aircraft Transport Certified
    • External Helicopter Sling Certifiable
    • Land Vehicle
    • Cargo Ship
    • Wheel Set
    • Trailer
    • Rail
  • Documentation