ISU® 90 Laundry Unit

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ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Integrated&#32;with&#32;2&#32;stackable&#32;laundry&#32;units&#32;on&#32;each&#32;side
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Laundry&#32;Unit&#32;illustration&#32;showing&#32;center&#32;post&#32;removed
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Laundry&#32;Unit&#32;mounted&#32;on&#32;High&#32;Speed&#32;Mobility&#32;Wheel&#32;Set
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Laundry&#32;Unit
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Integrated with 2 stackable laundry units on each side
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit illustration showing center post removed
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit mounted on High Speed Mobility Wheel Set
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Laundry Unit

AAR's Specialty ISU® 90 Laundry Unit contains four unitized washers/dryers, two installed on each 108" side of an ISU® 90 4-door container. This self-contained laundry unit is completely intermodal and is ideal for expeditionary missions .

Exterior Dimensions
108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
Payload Capacity
Maximum Gross Weight
  • Features

    • Internal Air Certified
    • External Air Certified
    • 108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
    • 4-Doors, two on each 108" side
    • Payload up to 10,000 lbs.
    • 4-Way Forkliftable
    • Stackable 2-high when loaded with up to 10,000 lbs. or empty
    • Intermodal - Transport by Air, Land, Sea, or Rail
    • Compatible with standard military transport vehicles/equipment
    • Base pre-drilled for optional caster set
    • Ready for use with optional High Speed Mobility Wheel Set
    • All aluminum extruded, mechanically fastened pallet base certified not to damage aircraft roller system
    • Winching rings at every lower corner
    • Retractable folding steps for easy roof access for sling hook-up
  • Additional Features

    Below are additional features that this product includes.

    • 208 VAC three phase electrical power unit
    • 53 load capability or 1,034 lbs. in 24 hours
    • 65 gallon electric water heater
    • Auto shut off switch for low water in water heater
    • Dryer vents and hose with screens to filter water sediment and prevent rodent intrusion
    • Power cable
    • Fluorescent lighting (one on each side)
    • Foot valve for pond or stream water pickup
    • Self-priming pump for use with a water bladder or used to increase the water pressure in the system
    • Awning cover for each side when doors are opened
    • 19.4 lb. per cycle maximum load
    • Washer features three cycles, three wash/rinse temperatures, and three water levels
    • Dryer has automatic dry control with four cycles - automatic regular, automatic permanent press, timed dry, and air fluff
    • 36-minute cycle time for cotton, 29-minute cycle time for permanent press and knits (times vary with outside temperature and humidity)
    • Requires Water services require 2" hose with cam coupler (not included)
    • Requires 2" drain with no hub connector (not included)
    • Requires minimum generator set 30kW connection for optimal sewage ejection system (not included)
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • C-130 Forward & Aft of Wheel Well
    • C-5
    • C-17
    • KC-10 Centerline
    • DC-10 Centerline
    • 747 Centerline
    • External Helicopter Sling
    • Internal Aircraft Transport Certified
    • External Helicopter Sling Certifiable
    • Land Vehicle
    • Cargo Ship
    • Wheel Set
    • Trailer
    • Rail
  • Documentation