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ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door exterior view in Green
ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door exterior view in Green
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Full&#32;Cube&#32;4-Door&#32;with&#32;dimensions
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Full&#32;Cube&#32;4-Door&#32;with&#32;shelf&#32;and&#32;packed&#32;with&#32;cargo
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Full&#32;Cube&#32;4-Door&#32;mounted&#32;on&#32;a&#32;High&#32;Speed&#32;Mobility&#32;Wheel&#32;Set
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Full&#32;Cube&#32;4-Door&#32;interior&#32;view&#32;in&#32;Green
  • ISU<sup>®</sup>&#32;90&#32;Full&#32;Cube&#32;4-Door&#32;exterior&#32;view&#32;in&#32;Green
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door with dimensions
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door with shelf and packed with cargo
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door mounted on a High Speed Mobility Wheel Set
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door interior view in Green
  • ISU<sup>®</sup> 90 Full Cube 4-Door exterior view in Green

The latest ISU®configuration, AAR's Standard ISU® 90 FC (Full Cube) 4-DOOR has no center wall to allow for storage and transport of larger items. It is a Lightweight, Aluminum, 1-Pallet Position, Air-Mobile Container for Shipping and Storage of Equipment, Spare Parts, and High Value Cargo. Every ISU® container is adaptable to unique user requirements and improves mobilization capability for operational units.

Exterior Dimensions
108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
Payload Capacity
Maximum Gross Weight
  • Features

    • Internal Air Certified
    • External Air Certifiable
    • 108"W X 88"L X 91.35"H
    • 4-Doors, two on each 108" side
    • Full Cube - No Center Wall
    • Payload up to 10,000 lbs.
    • 4-Way Forkliftable
    • Stackable 2-high when loaded with up to 10,000 lbs. or empty
    • Intermodal - Transport by Air, Land, Sea, or Rail
    • Compatible with standard military transport vehicles/equipment
    • Base pre-drilled for optional caster set
    • Ready for use with optional High Speed Mobility Wheel Set
    • All aluminum extruded, mechanically fastened pallet base certified not to damage aircraft roller system
    • Winching rings at every lower corner
    • Retractable folding steps for easy roof access for sling hook-up
  • Benefits

    The following are benefits that you will experience with the use of this product.

    • Faster load and off load times
    • Immediate operational workspace
    • Reduced deployment footprint
    • Secure equipment in transit
    • Instant access to parts
    • Equipped to lock in aircraft cargo restraint systems - no pallet or tie-down chains required
    • Patented integral loading base for rapid aircraft load and off load times
  • Applications

    The following is a list of how this product can be used

    • Parts Storage
    • Temporary Warehouse
    • Maintenance and repair functions
    • Administrative
    • Security
    • Communications Functions
    • Ablution Units
    • Kitchens
    • Weapons Rooms
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • C-130 Forward & Aft of Wheel Well
    • C-5
    • C-17
    • KC-10 Centerline
    • Other Commercial Aircraft
    • External Helicopter Sling
    • Internal Aircraft Transport Certified
    • External Helicopter Sling Certifiable
    • Land Vehicle
    • Cargo Ship
    • Wheel Set
    • Trailer
    • Rail
  • Documentation