AAR Integrated Solutions - Government, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 andAS9120A. Our system consists of a Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) and a Quality Procedures Manual (QPM) which guide compliance efforts and work flow practices. This quality system includes standardized procedures, process flow charts, forms, documents, and records contained within or referenced by the QAM and the QPM.

Quality Policy

Through a culture of continuous improvement and close familiarization with customer, corporate, and quality objectives, AAR Integrated Solutions - Government is committed to meeting all requirements..

Quality Objectives

AAR Integrated Solutions - Government  demonstrates its ability to meet customer, regulatory, and quality requirements through the dedicated use of lean practices and tools which serve to streamline operations, reduce time and financial waste, and increase the level of service to our customers.

Senior management identifies and communicates measurable goals and objectives and champions changes which benefit our operations and, by extension, our customers bottom line. Customer-focused and supported by relevant data collection, quality improvement initiatives are the responsibility of all AAR personnel, at every level. “Lessons learned” become “lessons implemented” enterprise-wide, benefiting all our customers.

AAR Integrated Solutions - Government is committed to quality improvement by utilizing ISO, PMP, LEAN and Six Sigma tools and practices, which ensures that we:

  • Provide our customers with timely delivery of quality products and services
  • Meet or exceed all customer, regulatory, and quality requirements, and
  • Continuously strive to optimize product and service delivery for all our customers