AAR Aggregator Solution

We offer fully customizable programs that supports the entire supply chain, providing customers with increased efficiencies and performance at a lower total cost. We are your single point of contact, replacing hundreds of suppliers, focused on your key KPIs for materials, warehouse operations and quality control departments. Our value added services also provide Kitting and Direct Shipments to line stations as needed. 

Our C&E Program - Support for Airline's Maintenance & Operations Center

  • Fill rate guarantee for over 40,000 C&E parts from over 200 suppliers
  • Provide all planning, procurement and supply management
  • Complete receiving & inspection processes in the Airline’s ERP system prior to delivery
  • EDI interface for transaction-level data exchange
  • On-site Program Management support

AAR Customer Results 

  • 98% average fill rate at or above the program-required rate
  • Significant reduction in airline-owned inventory
  • Reduction in overhead associated with C&E management
  • Process build out and execution with continued program growth

Proven Processes

  • Our 5-step material planning process includes understanding demand drivers; building routine forecast; building non-routine; integrating routine & non-routine for given site; and refine forecast.
  • Sourcing process: profile sourcing group; select sourcing strategy; generate supplier portfolio; negotiate & select suppliers; integrate suppliers and benchmark supply market.