Battery Maintenance Shop (BMS)

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Battery Maintenance Shop (BMS)
Battery Maintenance Shop (BMS)
  • BMS interior view
  • BMS Battery Chargers
  • BMS Capacity Tester and Load Tester
  • Battery Maintenance Shop (BMS)
  • BMS interior view
  • BMS Battery Chargers
  • BMS Capacity Tester and Load Tester
  • Battery Maintenance Shop (BMS)

BMS - Battery Maintenance Shop in AAR Mobility Systems' Non-Expandable 20-Foot ISO Shelter - used for storing, recharging, and servicing batteries

Exterior Dimensions
96”W X 240”L X 96.5”H
Interior Dimensions
135”L X 65.88”W X 74”H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
Maximum Gross Weight
  • Features

    • Non-Expandable 20' ISO Shelter
    • BMS is in accordance with the standards ISO 688, ISO 1161, and ISO 1496-1
    • Built with certified corrosion-resistant materials for long life and sustainability
    • Forklift pockets for handling container in loaded and unloaded conditions
    • 9-high stackable and Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) certified
    • Fully-opening double doors have all-weather seals and a standard-sized personnel door with all-weather seals located on one side wall
    • Doors are lockable with padlocks (user provides)
    • Portable non-skid loading ramp made of lightweight material, securely attached to container during loading and unloading, and transportable inside BMS
    • Battery servicing station capable of the following:
      • Servicing a maximum of twenty-four (24) conventional, maintenance-free or gel lead-acid batteries at once
      • Trickle charge, quick charge, deep cycle, automatic maintenance of trickle charge (after full charge is achieved), and diagnostic function
      • Showing the measurement for each individual battery and hand-held tools to operate the station with inclusion of ammeters and voltmeters
    • Recharging trays for maximum of 24 standard, heavy-duty, 12-volt, military batteries
    • Storage trays for maximum of 24 standard, heavy duty, 12-volt, military batteries awaiting service or already serviced; storage trays mounted on convenient slide racks beneath recharging trays
    • Eight (8) Xantrex™ TRUECHARGE2™ Battery Chargers
    • Work benches and fixtures arranged along both sides of the length with a central open work area to permit movement and activity of two operators
    • Removable, easily cleaned, non-slip floor matting
    • Mechanically ventilated using exhaust fan with non-spark impellers
    • HVAC system
    • 120/208V, 3PH, 5-Wire electrical system and grounding rod kit
    • Fluorescent lighting package and emergency lighting
    • Plumbing, including a water pump, water sink, ANSI-certified drench shower and emergency eyewash station, waste water pump, and waste water tank
    • Safety and emergency system, including emergency pull cords, oxygen/hydrogen sensors, air flow sensors, spill kits, and more to protect personnel and equipment
    • Essential battery maintenance tools and test equipment - battery analyzer, capacity and load tester
  • Documentation