Case Study – Government and Defense

Sourcing and Modifying Aircraft for the Colombian Air Force

Delivering a Customized Solution:

planeA broad base of diverse global resources enabled AAR to deliver for a major customer, the Colombian Air Force, known as Fuerza Aerea Colombiana (FAC). To meet FAC’s requirements, we sourced and modified two Boeing 737-400 aircraft, one configured for freight and the other for both passenger and freight use.

Our solution drew on a wide range of skills: procuring aircraft, installing higher-rated engines and other components, repairing landing gear, reconfiguring interiors, designing and installing seating and cargo pallets, custom-painting the aircraft, performing maintenance checks and inspections — even training FAC personnel. It was a process that required a solid team effort across eight AAR businesses. The FAC project shows how AAR not only provides expertise, but also innovation, teamwork, cost-efficiency and a commitment to quality — delivering against the needs of the most exacting commercial and government customers.