TELAIR, OEM supplier to the world leading aircraft manufacturers

Due to its drive to innovate and listen to customer needs, TELAIR has become the key supplier for today’s baggage and cargo handling systems for wide and narrow body aircraft. Initially demanded by aircraft operators and owners worldwide, TELAIR systems have become the standard equipment on Airbus and Boeing aircraft. 

Use of latest technology within aircraft cargo loading systems

Our number-one-goal is to give the aircraft operators the tools and features for improving their revenues and profits. This ranges from reducing component and system weight to introducing features that enable the safe transport of more or heavier or bigger cargo pieces than what was possible before. TELAIR is continuously engaged in R&D programs that make new technologies possible in the air cargo environment like:

  • Power Drive units with infra-red sensors for ULD scanning
  • Full digital cargo handling control system
  • Asymmetric ULD configuration adding more available loading space
  • Remote maintenance and monitoring of cargo systems
  • RFID ULD tracking with remote data transmission
  • Contact-less ULD temperature sensing warning system
  • New range of ULD products with increased load capability

In-house full-size test center

TELAIR has been the first supplier understanding the need for testing components and system on actual aircraft similar full-size test beds. In our 1.650 m2 (17.760 ft2) cargo system technology center, the following is available:

  • A330/340 lower deck
  • A350 XWB lower deck
  • B777F main deck
  • Future narrow body main and lower deck
  • Logistic warehouse test bed
  • ULD endurance & static test set-up

Continue to support the market

To support the MRO market, TELAIR provides a wide range of systems to meet operator’s needs for aircraft passenger to freighter conversions, retrofits of existing aging systems or implement add-on kits to improve or add capabilities. The customer support organization provides a broad range of services and programs to support OEM, Airlines, Operators and ground handlers in achieving the most cost effective operation, repair and maintenance of the components and systems.

Contact TELAIR and see how we can support your needs.