Rotorcraft Parts Sales & Services


Rotorcraft Services provides customers first-rate helicopter and engine sales, acquisition, leasing, brokerage, parts trading and support services ensuring our clients' long-term operational success while maintaining a climate of trust, respect and cooperation.    

Rotorcraft Services also provides sales of small fixed wing twin turboprop aircraft's as phase-out projects of our fleet. We do tear-downs and part out of aircraft's, engine sales, trade, leasing, exchanges and parts trading.

We also provide Asset Management for Operators and MRO's, OEM Distributorships and PBH programs.



  • Parts sales, exchange, loan & lease 

  • Aircraft acquisition, sales, leasing, tear-downs and part-out

  • Engine sales, leasing, exchanges, PBH programs

  • Blades, hubs, gearboxes, landing gears & wheels

  • Airframe and engine component & parts sales




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