AAR Airlift is an FAA-Certified Part 145 Repair, Modification, and Completion Center, with the capability to design custom engineered aviation solutions. We specialize in expeditionary engineering solutions, structural and systems modifications, avionics upgrades requiring FAA or other regulatory agency approvals. With our core competencies in modification solutions, our technical expertise and history with many different fleet types, AAR Airlift is uniquely positioned to provide the engineering products and services necessary to meet a diverse range of mission requirements.

Program Integration

We provide comprehensive oversight of our customers’ programs, from new product feasibility studies and cost analysis to supplier management (GFE, SFE and BFE) and on-site installation support, with an underlying emphasis on flexibility and accountability.

Engineering & Design

AAR Airlift’s expertise includes the development of innovative engineering and installation solutions for aircraft mission system reconfigurations, structural and systems modifications, and avionics upgrades. We undertake concept and detailed design, stress analysis of metals and composite structures, and mechanical and electrical systems integration using state-of-art CAD/CAE software systems, with strict CDM document control and customer portals to track approved designs, schedules, and document transfers.

Program Management

Our program management methodology across all programs is based on comprehensive risk management techniques.

Rapid Prototyping / Systems Integration Lab

Leveraging AAR Airlift’s state-of-art modeling software, we provide rapid detailed part design and fabrication using 3-D printer manufactured parts for Form/Fit verification. Function is verified in our on-site Systems Lab equipped for integration Testing and Design, reducing turnaround times and allowing real-time feedback on design and system performance.


AAR Airlift has the expertise to ensure our customers obtain all required regulatory authority approvals for modifications, such as FAA approved data, Supplemental Type Certification (STC) and repair authorizations. AAR Airlift has an FAA certified Designated Engineering Representative (DER) on staff full-time, allowing us to expeditiously complete projects at a lower cost to our customers.

We know the aviation modification business. With experience in more than 18 different platforms, both military and commercial, we understand the needs, priorities, and operational realities of our customers.

AAR Airlift can rapidly adapt programs to fit changing requirements and provide “Total Care” for a variety of engineering service needs, managing the entire certification chain for each project from the initial feasibility study, through engineering design, to installation and certification.

We embody the flexibility and agility of a small company with the backing of a large corporation providing access to AAR’s full range of aviation and aerospace products, and support services from our worldwide locations.