AAR’s global aviation services put logistics and maintenance support at the heart of our business. We have over 10 years of experience establishing and maintaining logistical procedures to effectively acquire, organize, store, inventory, replace, and transport equipment, tools, parts, and supplies to remote locations worldwide. Our strategic partnerships, centralized management approach, and integrated business systems keep footprints small to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Strategic Sourcing


AAR's procurement team expeditiously locates items with limited availability in order to meet mission requirements. Our strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and world-class suppliers provide seamless support, enhance our knowledge base, and increase our reach within the supply chain, allowing us to maintain exceptional operational reliability at the lowest cost to our customers. As part of the industry-leading AARportfolio of businesses, Airlift has the ability to leverage the corporation’s global supply chain expertise and parts supply network.

Integrated Business Systems

Airlift has proven processes and procedures which ensure all aircraft, equipment, and operations meet stringent FAA, NATO, UN, and US DOD CARB guidelines. We utilize industry best practices and operate commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and systems, including TRAX and Export Automated Software Essentials (EASE). With these systems, we track parts consumption, overhaul status, and all warehousing functions for aircraft spares and scheduled maintenance.

Worldwide Presence


Logistics operations are managed from a central location at our headquarters in Palm Bay, Florida. Airlift maintenance professionals are cross trained in logistics management functions, allowing us to reduce our footprint abroad without sacrificing performance. It’s our business to send people, aircraft, and sensitive data and equipment around the world. We work with FAA, DOD, the State Department, and foreign civil aviation authorities behind the scenes to ensure regulatory compliance so our customers can focus on what’s most important to them: their mission.

Inventory Management and Planning


AAR’s supply chain management team continuously monitors spares and strategically positions replacement parts around the world. Our logistics experts develop custom solutions based on the platform and mission requirements to accurately forecast the need for critical equipment and spares. We use this data to develop rapid deployment kits – packages of critical spares, equipment, and tooling – in ready-to-ship packages for deployment with our aircraft to enhance operational performance. By predicting supply chain needs, we ensure adequate lead times and inventories on mission critical parts and optimize operational performance.