AAR proudly provides global, world-class expeditionary and conventional aviation solutions. We offer a diverse menu of highly specialized capabilities to service even the most demanding missions, and are FAA certified for Part 135 and 133 operations. We are also a commercial airlift review board (CARB) certified airlift provider to the US DOD. 


We develop customized solutions and tailor each program to the specific needs of our customers; our offerings include turnkey flight operations, maintenance, and logistics support, or stand-alone services to compliment your existing capabilities. With over 13 years supporting dynamic government and defense contingency operations, our crews swiftly support changing mission requirements, sudden surges, and time-critical activities. Airlift is a globally recognized leader in the performance of expeditionary flight operations, so you can trust that work will be completed efficiently, professionally, and safely.

Airlift’s pilots and crews are highly experienced and specially trained for operations in rugged and challenging environments. Many of our crewmembers are seasoned military aviators and maintenance professionals, and proudly bring the benefit of their experience in uniform to AAR.

Do It Fast, Do It Well: Award-Winning Job in Active Combat Zone

Challenge: Emergency engine replacement in active combat zone in Afghanistan.
AAR Solution: Airlift mechanics and pilots worked together to replace the engine at a Forward Operating Base during a resupply mission to US forces.
Results: Safely replaced engine in record time with team effort and recognized with the Helicopter Association International’s (HAI) prestigious Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Award in 2014.

Aviation Services


  • Aerial delivery of cargo and personnel: Our FAA-approved Low Cost Low Altitude (LCLA) aerial delivery system provides the capability to air drop cargo with pinpoint accuracy to remote locations that are unsuitable for fixed wing takeoffs or landings. AAR is also approved for personnel jump operations.
  • Night Vision Operations (NVG): Fixed and rotary wing operations in unlit or low light conditions.
  • Rotary Wing External Cargo (Part 133 Certified) Since 2009, AAR has safely delivered over 17,000 external cargo loads to customers worldwide.
  • Passenger, Cargo, and Combi Operations: Most aircraft can be configured for varying cargo or passenger requirements with just hours’ notice.
  • Helicopter and Fixed Wing Air Ambulance Operations: Airlift is an FAA-certified aeromedical operator that can provide a broad range of fixed and rotary wing air ambulance services.
  • Search and Rescue: Airlift has developed an FAA approved SAR capability that includes a water, maritime vessel, and onshore rescue capability, and includes the ability to deploy sophisticated sensors, night vision systems, all weather capabilities, and helicopter air ambulance operations.
  • Hazardous Materials Transportation: Our expertise and experience ensures your sensitive or hazardous cargo will safely reach its destination.