Above and Beyond

Airlift conducts operations for the U.S. Government in sometimes hostile areas and our personnel have been recognized for going above & beyond the scope of their mission.

Airlift SAR in the Falkland Islands

Airlift partnered with Air Rescue Systems and British International Helicopters to operate on behalf of the U.K. Ministry of Defense in the Falkland Islands. To date, AAR has performed over 20 successful SAR missions, including the rescue of a critically injured fisherman where the crew conducted a technical high-line rescue while dealing with gale-force winds and rough seas. Read more about the dramatic rescue in Vertical 911

Airlift in Africa

Airlift is a partner to U.S. Forces in contingency operations and has camps in remote areas of Africa.  AAR personnel in Africa recently assisted stranded military airmen by bringing them into the company’s camp and providing housing and food for four days until they could depart safely for completion of their mission. The U.S. Ambassador for the country said in a letter of appreciation to AAR “Their actions serve as an exceptional example of patriotism and solidarity for all Americans living and working abroad.” 
In Africa, an S-61 recently experienced an unexpected engine failure due to hostile fire.  The entire region was ablaze with wildfires that swept through the area.  AAR launched another aircraft with a replacement engine and the crews conducted the engine change in the field

Airlift in Afghanistan

An AAR Airlift helicopter team working in Afghanistan in support of U.S. troops was recognized for its extraordinary actions in an active combat zone in the summer of 2013.  The crew, who performed an emergency engine replacement at a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in record time during a resupply mission to U.S. forces in Afghanistan, received the Helicopter Association International’s (HAI) prestigious Excellence in Helicopter Maintenance Award in 2014 -  the first time HAI gave the award to both mechanics and pilots because it was such a team effort. 

Airlift Supported Typhoon Haiyan Relief Missions in the Philippines in 2014

Airlift crews, assisting US DoD humanitarian relief efforts, delivered food, key personnel, water and medical supplies to victims in remote areas in support of the U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC). Already providing airlift support aboard the USS Richard E. Byrd in the Pacific Ocean, AAR completed nine missions as part of the U.S. relief efforts known as Operation Damayan. Flying 330J Puma helicopters, AAR Airlift flight crews utilized sling loads to deliver critical relief for the storm's victims to narrow beach fronts and rice paddies. Learn more about AAR’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.
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