Global Expertise, Emerging Market Reach

Our international presence dates back to 1965 when we opened our facility in Amsterdam to provide spare parts and repair services. For over a half-century, our experience in international markets has provided our customers proven value across the industry’s diverse operating and regulatory environments.

North America 

  • HQ & warehouse near O'Hare International Airport
  • MRO Services network with Airframe & Component Repair facilities
  • Integrated Solutions - Government supporting WASS 
  • Mobility Systems 

United Kingdom

  • Integrated Solutions - Commercial and Parts Supply team in Gatwick 
  • Military logistics operations 
  • Airinmar® component repair management services
  • Sales office based in Heathrow


  • Warehouse network includes Brussels and Hannover (Germany) serving EMEA 
  • Sales office in Paris 
  • Component Repair facility in Amsterdam 

Central and South America

  • Parts Supply sales office supporting customers in Latin America
  • Integrated Solutions - Government supporting WASS

Middle East

  • Warehouse and sales office in Dubai for EMEA 
  • Integrated Solutions - Government supporting WASS


  • Warehouse and sales support in Shanghai


  • Regional sales support office


  • Regional sales office based in Singapore
    Warehouse and engineering services for interior modifications for Asian airlines


  • Warehouse support in Auckland
  • Sales support based in Melbourne 

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