AAR also believes in doing it right outside of work, giving back to the communities in which we live and operate. We support non-profits and organizations that work to improve society in four primary areas: veterans/active military; education with an emphasis on STEM; health and wellness; and diversity and inclusion. In the last decade, AAR’s charitable contributions totaled over $7 million.

Veterans, Active Military & Their Families  

As a U.S. military partner and an employer of veterans, supporting active and retired military is a priority. AAR actively supports groups devoted to veterans, armed forces members and the families of those who gave their lives to defend our country. Some of the organizations we contribute to include:

  • Marine Corps Scholarship Fund
  • Navy SEAL Foundation
  • Operation Support our Troops – America
  • VetsAID

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Education – Focus on STEM 

Committed to inspiring the next generation’s interest in aerospace and developing a pipeline of young talent within the aviation industry, AAR partners with organizations around the world to foster education in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math. We proudly open our doors to students for tours and mentorship programs, and play an active role in organizations such as:

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Health and Wellness 

Health and wellness affect us all. AAR and our employees regularly contribute—financially and/or as volunteers—to groups dedicated to the research and cure of diseases. Among the organizations we support are:

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Diversity & Inclusion 

As a global company, AAR values diverse perspectives and is a proponent of inclusion in our workplace and beyond. We advocate for diversity and inclusion by supporting organizations like: