MSC - Mobility Shop Container - for LMTV

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Mobility Shop Container (MSC) mounted on an LMTV
Mobility Shop Container (MSC) mounted on an LMTV
  • MSC mounted on an LMTV
  • MSC mounted on an LMTV
  • Mobility Shop Container (MSC) mounted on an LMTV
  • MSC mounted on an LMTV
  • MSC mounted on an LMTV
  • Mobility Shop Container (MSC) mounted on an LMTV

MSC (Mobility Shop Container) is an environmentally controlled shelter designed to be mounted on the LMTV, and can be positioned on the ground to free up vehicles for other functions. This versatile shelter is fully equipped with cabinets, shelves, lighting, power, and more to perform as a mobile office, workshop, or storage solution.

Colors Available
Green, Tan, Black, Gray, White, Orange, Camo, Yellow, Olive Drab
GSA, DLA, Direct
Exterior Dimensions
90”W X 164”L X 84”H
Weight in Pounds (lbs.)
Payload Capacity
Maximum Gross Weight
  • Features

    • 2-Way Forkliftable using standard 10,000 lb. forktruck with 72” tines
    • Designed to be positioned on the ground, allowing transport vehicles to be available to perform other functions
    • Equipped with tie-down rings at four upper corners and 25” above the base corners for accessibility and versatility
    • Securable, interior emergency release built into the single entry personnel door at rear
    • Transportable stairs that easily attach for easy entry and exit
    • 120/208V, 3PH, WYE/60A power distribution that controls permanently mounted 120V electrical outlets placed above the work benches and along the walls
    • Standard lighting package includes 120V fluorescent lights and a 24 VDC emergency and blackout light system
    • Comes equipped with Environmental Control Unit (ECU), exhaust fan, and a dehumidification system to maintain a comfortable working environment and to ensure all supplies/tools/test equipment are constantly maintained in the best possible condition
    • Equipped with a work bench, overhead book shelves, task lighting, parts trays on the left hand side, and shelves, trays, power strips, clothes closet and power panel on the right hand side, plus slave cable and floor cargo nets
    • Fits into the standard LMTV family of trucks
  • Additional Features

    Below are additional features that this product includes.

    • Tie-Down Kit
  • Transport Requirements

    This product is capable of being transported by the following means:

    • Land Vehicle
    • Cargo Ship
    • Rail
    • Internal Aircraft Transport (Requires Pallet, Net, Tie-Down Straps)
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