ISO Mezzanine System

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ISO Mezzanine - illustrated view
ISO Mezzanine - illustrated view

ISO Mezzanine System designed for use with ISO shelters

Exterior Dimensions
52” X 96” Platform
Payload Capacity
  • Features

    • Lightweight aluminum, modular construction for easy deployment
    • Adjustable support arms for 96” or 96.6”-high shelters or containers
    • Eliminates need for fixed warehouse mezzanine system
    • Designed for maximum setup configuration with multiple stairway and rail mounting brackets
    • Adjustable stairs to allow for irregularities in terrain
    • Supports two-high complexing of shelters and containers with entry and exit points using additional platforms and stairs
    • Setup with standard warehouse forklift
    • Reduces deployed warehouse space requirement
    • Two-man emplacement with fork truck
    • Four location stair placement
    • OSHA compliant
    • Secures to ISO corner fittings
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