Specializing in highly engineered systems and components.

AAR Distribution (AARD) is a top global resource for factory-new replaceable/expendable and OEM-repairable parts for commercial, regional and business aircraft. We can meet any customer’s broader needs, but our greatest strength is in highly engineered mechanical and electronic parts and systems. No generalist can match AARD in this area.

Delivering solutions, not just parts.

AARD is among the industry’s pioneers. We’ve been leaders in parts distribution since the beginnings of commercial aviation, and our people are the best in the business.

We are highly skilled technical experts, with factory-trained sales and product line staff who come from a variety of aviation backgrounds. Our people bring deep and broad experience to each relationship—many were pilots, mechanics or airport managers in previous careers; many come from military backgrounds—with knowledge that often represents the difference between a parts supplier and a solution provider.

Our solutions span the entire supply chain:

  • Factory-new and PMA parts
  • OEM repair management
  • Inventory management programs—consignment, kitting, just-in-time, AOG
  • Procurement outsourcing and other value-added supply chain solutions

A strong part of a larger organization.

We are part of AAR CORP., a world-class organization serving a broad global customer base, both in commercial aviation and government/defense. We can serve you wherever in the world you do business—through direct presence and partnerships, AAR Distribution can provide local service in every major region of the world.

Having AAR as a parent company translates into two key customer benefits. The first: We are backed by a long history of financial strength and stability. This gives us maximum ability to fund inventory and serve customers in financially challenging times. The second: Our breadth and versatility enable us to offer bundled solutions with single-source ease, efficiency and account¬ability.

Building relationshipsthrough quality and service excellence.

At AAR Distribution, you are not a number. Whether you are an airline, a corporate operator, an MRO provider or an OEM, we connect with you at both the corporate and personal levels. We work hard to understand who you are, what you need and how you work. Then, we deliver solutions that fit, exceeding expectations with the highest levels of commitment, quality, agility and consistency.