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AAR Solutions for Government and Defense
AAR provides specialized products and services to support national defense, homeland security and humanitarian aid operations. Our field-proven products move troops and equipment into theaters of operations, sustain in-theater activity and provide real-time communications and situational awareness. AAR’s logistics and MRO services keep advanced aircraft platforms and ground equipment mission ready and operating at peak efficiency. AAR also designs and fabricates a wide range of machined and composite structures for aerospace and defense applications. Over 18 percent of our employees are former military personnel who have a strong connection and a thorough understanding of the real, day-to-day challenges faced by our government and defense customers. AAR is committed to the very best in public/private partnerships and was recently ranked among the Top 100 defense contractors in the world by DefenseNews.

Mobility AAR designs and manufactures rapidly deployable mobile shelters – both expandable and hardened, internal airlift/helicopter slingable ISU® containers and the military standard 463L air mobility pallets. Defense forces around the world rely on AAR’s mobility products to move troops, tools and equipment where they are needed and support their deployment until they return home.

Integration TechnologiesAAR engineers and manufactures sophisticated communications systems including Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) systems that merge data from multiple sources into actionable, warfighter-friendly information and can be integrated into vehicles, shelters or hard-fixed facilities. AAR’s Contingency Response Communication Systems (CRCS) serves as a critical communication link during natural disasters and humanitarian aid operations by bridging the gap between the dissimilar systems of first responders, government agencies, local municipalities and National Guard units.

AAR’s cargo systems are the backbone of some of the world’s most advanced military cargo aircraft including the A400M and the C-27J as well as established platforms such as the C-130 and CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Mobility AAR’s logistics and supply chain management solutions support programs ranging from parts management for the U.S. Army vehicle reset programs to complete supply chain management for the U.S. Air Force’ fleet KC-10 aircraft and the U.K. Ministry of Defence’s fleet of E-3D Sentry AWACS aircraft. AAR currently manages approximately $1 billion in assets for the U.S. government.

AAR provides a full range of aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul and highly specialized modifications and engineering services to OEMs and fleet operators — for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

MobilityAAR’s innovative engineering and specialized manufacturing capabilities include precision machining and fabrication of specialized metallic and composite aerostructures. AAR manufactures components for a wide variety of government and defense programs ranging from the Space Shuttle and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to Tomahawk Cruise Missiles and air defense systems.

AWSWith AAR’s airlift services and aircraft modifications services, the newest additions to our government & defense services portfolio, we can speed people, cargo and supplies wherever they need to be around the world and offer a unique alternative to traditional aerospace and defense service providers, responding in just days, not months, with a proven track record of supporting in-theater activity around the world.

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