NordiskOur unique know-how in lightweight construction, and composite and aluminium design has been developed through generations, resulting in the lightest cargo containers for air and sea transport available today. Well-known for reliable ULDs that stand the test of time, we help you reduce fuel and emission costs, while spare parts guarantees and unique cradle-to-grave support, ensure that your Nordisk containers will continue to generate income for years to come.

ULD-1Offering safe and cost-effective ULD operation, coupled with durable, light-weight designs provides you the benefits of lower costs with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We are also on the forefront of developing advanced fire-containment materials and IT capabilities for safer and more efficient cargo and transport operations.

Our containers and pallets are engineered with your operations in mind. Standardised parts within each container family allow for lower maintenance costs while ensuring reliable spare parts availability from regionally stocked service centers. Additionally, our customer service operations provide spares and aftermarket support services for all ULD products.

We are dedicated to providing the best ULDs, including the lightest certified containers in the industry along with the premier aftermarket services you expect from the industry leader.

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