SPACEMAX® shelters set a global standard in mobile deployable shelters using revolutionary technologies backed by decades of research and development. SPACEMAX® is more than a mobile shelter, it’s a total system. SPACEMAX® products are customizable to your needs. Configure our shelters, foyers and connectors like building blocks to create a tailored solution.

Our shelters solve the living and working needs for industries including military, government, medical, emergency, hazmat, healthcare, construction oil, gas, and mining exploration, education and recreation.

SPACEMAX advantages:

  • Deploy in less than 5 minutes with as few as 6 easy steps utilizing only 4 people
    • Optional deployment assist packages available: 2 people can safely deploy the unit in 5 minutes
  • Ready-to-go, plug-in electrical and plumbing systems
  • Redundant safety locking features and seals
  • Long-last materials created from high-tensile steel, aircraft grade aluminum, high-density foams and lightweight but strong composites
  • Fold-and-expand patented panel system that is water tight
  • 20-foot ISO platform, 6-high CSC certified 
  • Save on energy and deployment cost
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