SPACEMAX® shelters set a global standard in mobile deployable shelters using revolutionary technologies backed by decades of research and development. SPACEMAX® is more than a mobile shelter, it’s a total system. SPACEMAX® products are customizable to your needs. Configure our shelters, foyers and connectors like building blocks to create a tailored solution.

Our shelters solve the living and working needs for industries including military, government, medical, emergency, hazmat, healthcare, construction oil, gas, and mining exploration, education and recreation.

SPACEMAX advantages:

  • Deploy in less than 5 minutes with as few as 6 easy steps utilizing only 4 people
    • Optional deployment assist packages available: 2 people can safely deploy the unit in 5 minutes
  • Ready-to-go, plug-in electrical and plumbing systems
  • Redundant safety locking features and seals
  • Long-last materials crated from high-tensile steel, aircraft grade aluminum, high-density foams and lightweight but strong composites
  • Fold-and-expand patented panel system that is water tight
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S100 Flex/RDMS100 Shelter

The S100 Flex/RDMS100 SPACEMAX® dormitory or office, integrated in a SM100 Shelter, provides affordable, high quality solutions for a wide range of needs. In this version of the Flex, a bathroom option is available to provide more functionality.

S120 Sleeper/RDMS120 Sr. Staff Shelter

The S120 Sleeper/RDMS120 Sr. Staff Shelter offers two or four private rooms for an instant living solution with four, six, or eight beds. Each room can be accessed through a central pass-through corridor.

S150 Manager/RDMS150 Commander

The S150 Manager/RDMS150 Commander offers two private rooms, an entry door, and a bathroom. With an optional compact kitchen, this version of the SM100 is a self-sufficient housing solution.

S159 Workman/RDMS159 Mission Room

The S159 Workman/RDMS159 Mission Room has two private rooms for sleeping and living - one separate shower, one separate toilet, and an extended kitchen with counter and built-in cabinet.

S190 Professional/RDMS190 Sr. Staff Facility

The S190 Professional/RDMS190 Sr. Staff Facility integrates three private rooms and one waiting room for an easily deployable office solution.

RDMS1FW Wash Unit

The RDMS1FW Wash Unit integrates three toilets, three showers, and a three-basin sink in the fixed-wall SM10 SPACEMAX® unit.

RDMS1FW-W/D Laundry Unit

The RDMS1FW-W/D Laundry Unit integrates six washers, six dryers, and one wash sink in the fixed-wall SM10 SPACEMAX® unit.

S200 Flex/RDMS200 Shelter

The S200 Flex/RDMS200 SPACEMAX® shelter offers foldable, portable solutions for office or dormitory use.

RDMS2FL Latrine

The RDMS2FL Latrine integrates three private half bathrooms and one mechanical room in the fixed-wall SM20 SPACEMAX® unit.

RDMS2FS Shower

The RDMS2FS Shower integrates three private showers and one mechanical room in the fixed-wall SM20 SPACEMAX® unit.
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