de Havilland Canada Dash-8


The Dash-8 twin turboprop airplane is ideally suited for performance in rugged environments with short and unimproved runways. This versatile STOL aircraft can be configured for passenger transport, cargo movements, or a combination, and offers a pressurized cabin with climate control for comfort.

  • Passenger capacity: 21, 29, 30
  • Cargo capacity, weight: 7,500 lbs
  • Cargo capacity, volume: 300 cu ft
  • Cargo capacity, door dimensions: 50” W x 60” H
  • Max range: 1,200 nm; 1,381 sm
  • Cruising speed: 240 kts

CASA 212 Aviocar


The CASA 212 is a twin turboprop STOL aircraft with large rear ramp for ease of loading and unloading cargo delivered to remote locations. The CASA 212’s rear ramp allows for aerial delivery of cargo from low altitude with precision. As such, the CASA 212 is an excellent vehicle for personnel airdrop missions and training exercises. AAR Airlift CASA 212’s are also equipped with litter kits to provide medical evacuations from remote locations to medical facilities, and are certified for night vision systems operations.

  • Passenger capacity: 2, 5 ,8, 14, 19
  • Cargo capacity, weight: 5,600 lbs
  • Cargo capacity, volume: 661 cu ft
  • Cargo capacity, door dimensions: 67” W x 71” H
  • Max range: 765 nm; 880 sm
  • Cruising speed: 165 kts